Introduction to Programs and Services

The wide range of animal supported experiential learning opportunities and therapeutic interventions offered at Tubridge Ranch can be accessed by individuals and groups in traditional treatment programs, as well as those seeking alternatives to conventional therapy and skills training. 

For more information about the “experiential” learning model employed in our programs at Tubridge Ranch, please click here: Experiential Learning: Nature as Teacher

Featured Program:

Animal Supported Interventions: Equine

  • Horses are big, imposing animals with the potential to inspire fear and awe—both of which are useful to the process of changing habits and patterns in thinking and behavior.  When experienced within the safety of a structured therapy session, administered by a certified therapist/horse handler team, leaving your comfort zone has never been so fun—or so powerful. 
  • Tubridge Ranch Therapist Lori Kidd is EAGALA certified as an equine therapist.  Inherent in the EAGALA system is a level of flexibility and creativity that allows the therapist/horse handler team to adapt to each client’s unique needs.  From emotional growth and improved concentration, to increased self-confidence and reduced anxiety, horses offer a “therapeutic mirror” that provides important insight to the process of growth and learning.  Equine assisted therapy has shown evidence-based efficacy in clients with substance use and co-occurring disorders, eating disorders, depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders.

Additional Programs:

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