Welcome to Tubridge Ranch

At Tubridge Ranch, it is our mission to bring the healing power of animals and nature to individuals in need of transformational challenge and self-discovery. 

A peaceful and inspiring place for people to learn and grow, a place where people can see their better selves reflected in the calm eyes of a horse, can glimpse their potential for achievement in a job well done, can restore their hope as they restore health to a riparian ecosystem… 

Who We Help

From children to the elderly, Tubridge Ranch offers opportunities for everyone who can benefit from the healing power of animals and the self-directed immediacy of experiential learning. No matter where you are in your personal or professional development, we are here to help you find your way through the important next steps in your progress and process.

How We Help

At Tubridge Ranch, a range of animal supported experiential learning opportunities and therapeutic interventions combine the benefits of quiet sanctuary with hard work and the calm compassion of animals.  Whether experienced as an alternative to traditional treatment, or as a compliment to other therapies or skills training, the programs at Tubridge Ranch provide fertile ground for powerful growth and learning.

Find out more about our Programs and the benefits of Experiential Learning.